Our Approach 

Our approach to any client project, and how we differ from others out there,  is simple - we care, and we'll work our butts off to drive results and growth for you. To us, a client isn't just another company on a list, you're our partner, and as partners with BaS Marketing we'll work with you and your team to achieve growth as if it was our own, every single time. 

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First Step - Discovery 

When beginning a new project, whether it's an entirely new client or just a new project, we first begin with discovery. This is a phone or Skype call discussing the company, competitive landscape, goals, and scope of project. Discovery may take place in a two or three step process, including multiple emails and communication, to get both parties up to speed on the business and scope of current project. 

Second - Digital Marketing Plan

Following discovery, BaS Marketing creates a strategic digital marketing plan, which encompasses everything from the discovery meeting, background and external research, and a proposed plan of attack. Based on the scope of a project, this plan may be 2 paragraphs, or 5 pages, as long as it covers what's needed. Whether it's the content creation of one website page, or a full blown strategic marketing plan, the digital marketing plan is crucial. This document will serve as a road map for the duration of the project. 


Third - Implementation 

Here begins the "meat" of the work, where we begin to execute on our digital marketing plan. 

Finally - Analytics and Revision

No project in any field is complete without proper analysis and revision as necessary. We will keep you up to speed the entire time on the success and progress of any project, allowing for regular revision and updates as necessary.