Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat....Email?

If what I'm about to describe is an accurate representation of you, raise your hand (figuratively, unless you really want to raise your hand): 

You have an email account, probably set up 3-5 years ago, that now gets so many "junk" emails from Macy's, Apple, Target, Groupon (yes, I'm basing this off of my own email) and more, that you don't even take the time to truly go through them anymore. 

Keep your hand up if checking that email account looks something like this - you open it up at 8pm and have 54 unread emails, you scroll through the latest, maybe open 2-3 that have an interesting sale or news clip, scroll back to the top and hit "mark all as read", and then repeat the process tomorrow. 

Email, in a way, has transitioned into another social media stream. It's a platform we can check to get news, sale information, promotion and more. In the same way we can follow Nordstrom on Twitter, we can subscribe to their email list and get content that way, it's no different. 


Does this inbox look like one of your old email accounts? It may be the new norm of email

Does this inbox look like one of your old email accounts? It may be the new norm of email

The issue with this form of marketing is that marketers have not adopted the "new way" of thinking and analyzing social media ROI. Too many companies and marketing departments still say "we need to utilize social media to grow our email list" or go out and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on "relevant" email lists just to spam individuals with content they didn't want in the first place. 

Email marketing today is just another platform, another tool in which a 21st century marketer must use, but utilize, understand and analyze appropriately. While email certainly isn't dead, nor do I believe it's dying, the way consumers use and interact with their email inbox today now looks more like a social media feed, rather than a dedicated communicating tool as it used to be. 

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