Marketing to Millennials

Millennials don't want pop-up ads & information shoved down their throat as they surf the internet. They want to see what's cool and trendy, and have recommendations from those they trust. Sites like Buzzfeed have found ways to turn one short list into 10 separate web pages, or "slides" as they're called, maximizing advertising revenue taken in since advertisers pay for each one of those clicks. Millennials don't want websites cluttered with pushy ads of something they viewed on Amazon 10 minutes ago. They want real, honest, trustworthy advertisements, that don't look like ads at all.

This is today's modern struggle.  

I like fitness. By no means am I the most fit, or healthy, or "jacked", but I try and hold my own around the gym. As with most people, their Instagram account & followers are tailored around their interests. My page, for example, happens to be sneakers, technology, and fitness pages. 

One trend that's been taking these pages by storm is "shout-outs", or such companies as supplements, protein bars, healthy peanut butter, and even other fitness accounts "shouting out" those pages in an attempt to gain followers and awareness. It works like this:

Fitness Page A has 500k followers. Fitness Page B has 5,000, and wants to grow. Page B strikes a deal with Page A (for money, a shout out of their own, free products, etc) and hopefully Page B sees a spike in followers and interest in the brand. 

I'll be honest, it's worked for me. It gave me Buff Bake protein peanut butter (Which you need to check out if you're a peanut butter "nut" - Link down below) and a variety of other accounts I now follow. Why am I okay with this? Because I already trust Page A for one reason or another, and if Page B is good enough for Page A to want to share with their followers, then odds are it's good enough for me too.

The process can obviously be taken advantage of, with companies offering huge sums of money that aren't worth the paper it's stamped on to be featured on various pages, but in my experience, the process works, and this is where social media marketing needs to head. 

What are your thoughts? Do you like seeing your favorite brands, companies, celebrities and other accounts shouting out products or services? Let us know what you think! 

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