I hate when teachers tell me to put my phone away

I’m in a classroom, it’s 11:58am and class starts at noon. Kids are unpacking their bags for the 50 minute class, sending a last text message or loading their notes via a laptop or tablet. However, not every class looks quite this way.

Some classes won’t see a single laptop or cell phone, due to that professor or university’s “no technology rules”. Social networking, and the absurd wealth of information and activity available via a laptop in a college classroom is staggering. Do kids sit on Facebook rather than take notes during class? Sure, so professors ban the use of laptops entirely. But are those same kids now going to sit on Facebook on their big-screen iPhone 6+ under the desk for the entire 50 minutes, just to make sure they’re present and getting attendance credit? Absolutely.

Not-so-Tech-friendly Classrooms

I’m a senior in college, at a university claiming to be state-of-the-art in terms of embedding tech in the classroom (Bryant University stand up). We’re even given uniform laptops (“given”, aka built into our tuition dollars) when we arrive as freshmen, and get a brand new one junior year, so we all have the same tech to work with.

I’m currently taking five classes, working two internships, partnering with professors and students to build a sustainable social media marketing agency within Bryant’s marketing association, have accepted a full-time position beginning my career in June, and am an side-entrepreneur starting my own personal marketing consultation business working with anywhere from one to three real-world, independent clients daily. I’ve had internships every summer since I was a freshman, I’ve made deans list all 8 semesters of college, I’m going to graduate with honors, and yet teachers still tell me I’m not allowed to use a laptop, the basic of basic in tech, in class because a hand full of kids take Buzzfeed quizzes rather than take notes.

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