You're sitting in a car doing 72 on the highway.

What are you looking at? Is it the changing landscape along the side of the road, reading the license plates of the cars passing, or keeping an eye out for cops? Are you noticing passing billboards, or even buildings as you go through town? Or are you sitting with a few friends, staring at your phone scrolling endlessly through Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter

Nearly everyone you know, from your mom to your 11 year old cousin isn't noticing signs or billboards that companies pay tens of thousands of dollars a week to advertise. Yet companies still shell out cash. 

Skip ahead, you're binge watching the latest season of Scandal on your Apple TV. Notice the one thing you're not doing - watching any commercials (Unless ABC happens to have 1-3 sponsored commercials that you can't skip). Yet, companies shell out thousands and thousands of dollars on production and ad buys for TV advertisement when maybe half of viewers aren't even watching live, and of those half that do, a handful don't skip around channels when commercials come on. 

Think back to the last time you watched a show, movie or game live on TV. The dreaded commercials come on, and you grab some more snacks or hit the bathroom. 

Marketers, regardless of the industry or target market they're aiming for, whether they're selling a product, service, both or neither need to understand where their target is spending the most attention. It's one of the most important terms in advertising today, attention. And for almost everyone, that attention focuses on social media.  

Can you update live events on Snapchat? Can you start a conversation or Q&A on Twitter? Or tell a story with a quality image on Instagram, maybe with a feature from an account with thousands of followers. Understanding your target market, who they are and where they're spending their attention, is the only way your brand will be able to develop a quality marketing strategy.

Confused? Wondering where to begin? Or know that this is the way the world is heading, but just don't have the time to devise a social media marketing strategy?  

We're BaS Marketing, and we want to see your brand grow on the digital frontier. Shoot us a message, and let's connect about growing your brand today.