Does social media start conversations, or is it the conversation?

These four powerhouses in the social media world today are how a majority of the world, from 18 year old guys to middle-aged moms converse, connect, and update their “friends” on what’s going on. I say friends like “friends”, because I ask you the question — what percentage of your friends list on any given platform are you actually friends with? 80% 50% 10%? Platforms are used differently by different demographics, which is important for marketers to know. Personally, I have like 1,300 Facebook friends, and I never realized the benefit of this until launching BaS Marketing, in which I already had a large platform in which to get the word out.

My mom, for instance, (Hey Mom), has probably a hundred friends or so. But she knows them, every single one, and her Facebook platform and usage arguably is more effective and allows her to share with people she truly cares about when she posts a picture of us from this past Easter Sunday. She spends a lot of time catching up on her news feed, seeing what her friends are up to because she knows every single one. I may spend only a few minutes on Facebook, because I have so many friends and might not care to read though every piece of news. A marketer who is attempting to target my mom to sell product or services to on Facebook must understand this, because she’s going to use Facebook much differently than I am.

But is Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram the conversation, or does it simply start the conversation.


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