I love sitting on trains and just watching.

No, I don’t care about the text message you’re sending your girfriend, or article about the Yankees, or trying to follow along your Slack biz chat. It’s not the micro, it’s the Macro.  

Its incredibly interesting to sit on a train, plane or any public place for that matter and just watch. Who’s reading a magazine versus blasting away on a text message versus reading peacefully on a Kindle.

I don’t spend a ton of time traveling per say in a year, and I look at that as a blessing from this standpoint. Things have switched, from a 53 year old business woman struggling to navigate her Outlook, to now texting while on a conference Skype video call in coordination with a dual-screen presentation / article on her 15inch MacBook  

This is a massive change on every level. Marketers think Facebook doesn’t work, yet the 36 year old father of two (based on his iPhone wallpaper) hasn’t gotten off his FB feed in 82 of the 84 minutes I’ve sat next to him. If you’re selling a well-built and fairly priced watch and targeting 32-45 year old working men, you’re still going to tell me that overpriced TV or print newspaper ad is “the strategy”, and that Facebook / social ads don’t work? 

This change is massive, and it’s so easy to spot. Whether you consider yourself a marketer or not, next time you’re in any public place take a glance around at what people are doing on their iPhone / tablet / laptop.

I think you’ll be surprised.