Bryant Student Starts Marketing Firm in Bryant University's "The Archway"

Those around campus may know Ben Sawicki for his leadership positions on campus, in addition to his amiable personality. Not only does Ben work for the Amica Center for Career Education, but he is also a student mentor, committee member for the Student Arts and Speakers Series, and the Marketing and Public Relations Chair for the Society for Human Resource Management – and that’s not even half of his involvements!

But did you know that he started his own marketing firm as well? Yup, you read that right. I had the privilege to sit down with Ben to discuss his new venture and how he helps companies with their success.

John: Can you tell me a little about your business?

Ben: BaS Marketing was created as a firm to work with entrepreneurs, small to mid-level businesses, independent contractors and musicians. We provide a simple, knowledgeable, and skilled platform for website design, social media strategy and content creation, along with much more. I noticed a gap between smaller-business types and a need for internet marketing. Many know that they need to have an internet presence, but don’t have the skills to do so and don’t know how to go about getting started. That’s where I come in.


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