Marketing Strategy

BaS Marketing specializes in researching, creating and implementing strategic digital & social media marketing. Whether you're just starting out, looking to revamp or update your current marketing strategy, or just make sure you're on the right path, we work with entrepreneurs & businesses of all sizes to implement and grow your marketing goals. 


Discovery is the first step of any client project. Whether you're brand new to BaS Marketing, or looking to work with us on a new project, we begin every project in this fashion. A short phone call & informational form (see: New Client Project) will give the context and background needed to design a digital marketing strategy. This leads to formal proposal & scope of work created by BaS Marketing. 

Strategic Digital Marketing Plan

The Strategic Digital Marketing Plan is truly what you're hiring BaS Marketing for. We'll analyze your competition, align with your goals and follow the vision for your company to design a strategic marketing plan just for you. This will include topics such as organic post examples, a paid advertising campaign proposal (especially with a brand new website or internet presence to boost organic growth), platform recommendations and more. 

Aside from the digital marketing plan, BaS Marketing has the capabilities to manage any digital marketing presence, following the guidelines of the marketing plan. Whether it's long-form content creation, social media management, video of photography, or more, we can work with you to manage your online presence, and boost organic and paid reach 

Analysis & Revision

We'll continue to analyze, monitor and revise your digital marketing campaign every step of the way. We're also always available via email or online messenger, whether you have an implementation question, are curious about a new "up and coming" web platform, or want to overhaul your entire digital marketing, we're always here for you. 

I don't want to just be another vendor or contractor, I plan to be your right hand guy in digital marketing, and am thrilled at the opportunity to work with you. Want to learn more about working with BaS Marketing? Hit the button below...