Strategic Digital Marketing

No business will get by without a dedicated, strategic marketing plan. In today's mobile-only landscape (yes, only, no longer just mobile-first), your business must be easy to find across all platforms, with a clean, smooth delivery about why your customer should choose you.

We'll put together a complete strategic digital marketing plan for you and your business, complete with competitive research, industry trends, proposed content examples, paid advertising opportunities, KPI's and more. 

Social Media

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter.

At one time radio stations, and then TV stations, these are the major "networks" of today where information and attention is spent. Knowing how to contextualize and utilize these outlets are crucial to maintaining a strategic, functional strategic marketing plan.

Whether it is consultation, a diverse, strategic plan, or full-on brand maintenance, we work with all scopes of projects, clients and business sizes.

Content Creation

BaS Marketing specializes in all forms of content creation, anything from a daily Facebook post, to generating Twitter conversation, posting the occasional blog or a full-blown blog management strategy. The choice is yours, and we're here to fit into your marketing goals. 

Vendor Collaboration 

We can't be the best at everything, and sometimes a project requires, well, everything! We can handle that too. We work with a trusted team of contractors, vendors and freelancers to complete every aspect of your project. Anything from complex graphic design, to videography and editing services, we can handle all aspects of your marketing plan to see it through from idea to completion. 

We are your partner in marketing, we are your go-to for promoting your business, we are Marketing, Simplified

From my family to yours, Iā€™m thrilled at the chance to work with you!
— Ben Sawicki, Founder & Owner